About Toby

Hello, my name is Toby.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based in Duncan, BC. I am a graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I received a Certificate of Merit for my Diploma in Natural Nutrition. I am also graduate from Simon Fraser University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural and Social Anthropology. 

I'm passionate about healing from the inside out with whole, nutritious foods and helping people to discover how amazing they can feel when they make even a small change in their diet and lifestyle. 

I love sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge and help my clients learn skills and tools so they can feel like the best version of themselves. I think a lot of people don’t realize how great they can feel until they make even a small change.

I share a personal experience with low digestive fire and poor gut health which manifested itself as a serious gluten intolerance. Through this experience I have learned how important it is to listen to my body when its are showing symptoms of imbalance or signs that something isn’t working as it should. But sometimes, we don’t even realize what that feels like or how our symptoms are actually signs that our bodies aren’t function as they should be. I know that was the case for me! Gas and bloating is not normal but its common!

Since learning of my digestive issues and working to re-build my digestive fire and gut health, I have lost 40 lbs, feel stronger, more energized and have a better understanding of what my body needs in the process. And thats what I hope for all my clients!