Preserving Garlic in Honey

I am HUGE fermentation nerd. I always have something on the go at home - Kombucha tea, Goat's milk Kefir and some sort of Sauerkraut are on the regular rotation, providing me with all the good bacteria that will help my immune system, heal my gut and boost my over all health.

I'm testing out a new fermentation project this month and it's SO EASY, I had to share it with you! I'm preserving Garlic in Honey!

During these chilly winter months, our immune systems can become sluggish. Garlic is a great immune booster and anti-bacterial food, especially when eaten raw or preserved. And Honey has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Put those together and leave them to ferment and you can create a Natural Immune Booster which is also delicious!

The great thing about this recipe is that it only takes 2 ingredients -

Peeled Organic Garlic

Raw Honey.


Place the peeled garlic into a mason jar.

Add enough honey to cover the garlic, ensuring you have at least 2 inches of space at the top of the jar.

Place a lid on the jar and leave for 1 month at room temperature in a dark place.

Turn the jar daily and burp it (open the lid and let out some pressure) for 2 weeks.

Then after 1 month - enjoy!!