Hello Sourdough my Old Friend

I reached a huge milestone in my health journey this week!


…I ate Sourdough bread!! 

Since I removed gluten from my diet over 2 years ago, I have had a goal to be healthy enough that I could eat sourdough bread again. At the time, even a crumb of bread would give me a reaction (immediate rash and upset stomach), which was a BIG RED FLAG symptom of my poor gut health. It felt like my bread days were far in the future … if ever. 

So this is a major achievement ! It means my gut is healthy! And the changes I’ve made in my life the past 2 years and my dedication to my health, have allowed me to eat a food that I dearly missed.

When you have a food intolerance or allergy, it can be really hard to suddenly - give up eating something that was a part of your life - for me the one thing I really missed was a nice piece of toast. And I’m talking, real toast, using a thick slice of Sourdough bread … not the gluten-free versions you can find at the grocery store. They toast up ok (but are often full of weird ingredients that just shouldn’t be in a loaf of bread) ….  there is no substitute for a slice of real bread, fresh out of the toaster with butter melted through. 

Oh … toast, how I have missed you!

When you re-introduce foods into your diet, you want to do it slowly and always use the best quality foods available. This is why I chose Organic Sourdough bread as my first gluten-containing food.

Sourdough is a fermented bread, which means the gluten is broken down by the enzymatic process when the sourdough starter is mixed with the flours. This makes it easier on your body to digest, especially if you haven’t eaten any in a long time, like me.

This whole health thing … it’s all about choices. I choose to work on my health every day and to work towards feeling healthy again. And to me, today, feeling healthy means - having that slice of toast!

Do you have a health goal you’re hoping to achieve? What choices are you making to get there? 

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In good health!


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