Remember to Indulge this Holiday Season

Remember to Indulge this Holiday Season.jpg

Go ahead and indulge this holiday season!

I bet you didn't think you'd hear that from a nutritionist. 

Stress around eating the “right thing” or depriving yourself because you don’t want to “fall off the wagon” over the holidays isn’t healthy. It’s important to make sure you enjoy yourself and don’t feel shame around holiday eating.

This time of year, I keep seeing holiday themed health blogs with themes like '5 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Diet This Holiday Season' and 'How to Keep Away From The Holiday Bulge’... and this voice in my head screams: "Enough of the food shaming already!” 

While most of the time when you see me, I am teaching a cooking class, fermenting foods, making foods from scratch, or talking healthier alternatives to packaged foods - it is important to note that my life is not all about healthy food, best practices, and eating from scratch!

I can also be found enjoying some stinky cheese and crackers, or shamelessly munching homemade Almond Roca that my parents make every year (so delicious!) and eating a little too much on the holidays (hello stretchy pants!). It’s important to know that this is not a 'cheat day' or a transgression against my usually healthy diet. Having treats and feasting with friends and family are some of the great moments with food, and they should be celebrated. Enjoying these moments without any guilty feelings is just as important to my well-being as habitually eating healthy food is. 

I see food as the sustenance that it is, of course, but more than that, food is tied up in social gatherings, cultural traditions, feelings of nostalgia, warmth and comfort. In my opinion, these are all valid and important reasons to enjoy food over the holidays, and I think it's important to not feel guilt while enjoying yourself.

The 80/20 rule is what can help guide decisions to know it's ok to indulge. 80% of the time, I eat what is going to help me maintain my body's health or help me reach my health goals. The other 20% is up to you, no guilt or shame at all.

Stress around eating the "right thing" all the time, can be cause more harm than allowing yourself the indulge once in a while, especially with friends and family. 

In my next blog, I share with you Three Tips to help avoid the Holiday Bloat. For those times that you decide to enjoy your 20% and indulged maybe a little too much. Instead of reaching for those TUMS or your favourite pair of stretchy pants (a feeling I knew all too well), find out how you can avoid it with a few tips from me. My bonus tip works wonders for hangovers too!

In good health,