5 Ways Chewing is Essential for Your Health

In my video chat with Laura Amber Wood from Lavish Nutrition, I talked about the important of how you eat as being paramount to what you eat.

Chewing your food is the number one thing we can all do to promote better digestion. Its something we can do at least 3 times a day, requires no special equipment and its FREE!

Here are some of reasons why chewing is so important, and why it's an important factor for our health.

1. It triggers digestion

Digestion begins with chewing. When you chew your food thoroughly, you begin to mechanically break it down into smaller pieces which helps in the breakdown of your food. As you chew, you secrete saliva, and saliva coats your food with the enzyme amylase which digests carbohydrates (or starches). These enzymes actually digest carbohydrates right in your mouth and by chewing thoroughly, the amylase gets working right away.

2. Sends a message to your digestive tract to gear up and do its job

Chewing signals the body to begin the digestion process. When you start chewing, it sends a message to the stomach to prepare to make stomach acid, for your liver and gallbladder to release bile which breaks down fat. It also signals the pancreas to secrete its digestive enzymes into the small intestinal tract to break down proteins into amino acids used to build and repair your body.

3. Helps ensure proper digestion

Digestive enzymes and stomach acid only work on the surface of food fragments. By chewing your food thoroughly, there will be a larger the surface area available for your digestive enzymes and stomach acid to digest. So, if you swallow a large chunk of food without chewing, only the outer section of it will be accessible for your digestive enzymes and stomach acid to break down. When you have chewed your food thoroughly, your digestive enzymes and stomach acid will be able to do their job. 

4. A foundation for a healthy gut

Chewing your food thoroughly is also key to a healthy gut because if your food is digested properly from the beginning, there is less chance for the unwanted bacteria and yeasts in your body to feed and grow on your undigested food. Candida yeasts and other "bad guys" LOVE sugar ... and carbohydrates and starches are sugar. So, by chewing and getting the enzymes coating your food, you can avoid creating food for the bad guys.

The number on recommendation for getting your digestion going  - CHEW YOUR FOOD. It's free and easy and as you can see - greatly benefits your health and wellbeing!

Toby RaeComment