Chocolate Chaga Bulletproof Latte


Sometimes in the late afternoon, before dinner time I get a little hungry. I know dinner isn't far off so I don't want to eat a big snack. I like to make myself a warm cup of my Chaga Dandelion Coffee and make it Bulletproof style by adding healthy fats (Ghee and MCT Oil), dates and cacao. It satisfies my hunger and feels like a warm hug!

Chaga is know as the King of Mushrooms. As an Adaptogen, it is touted to help lower anxiety, improve sleep, aid with reducing inflammation and boast your immune system.  

Chocolate Chaga Bulletproof Latte

1 cup of steeped Chaga Dandelion Coffee (Click here for my recipe)

1 tbsp MCT oil

1 tbsp Organic Ghee

3 dates

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp Raw Cacao powder

Blend and enjoy!