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Book Your Epicure Party with Toby today!

Healthy fresh delicious meal on the table in 20-30mins? YES! Real food. Good Food. Real Fast. That's what's happening at my Epicure Cooking Class!

We will make a meal together, and learn about learn about Epicure and why Toby has chosen to support the company.

Toby will be leading you through cooking a delicious balanced meal in 20mins. Perfect for those days when we're rushing in late after work or we need to rush back out to an event or kids sports. 

You'll discover many unique and gourmet spice blends that will rock your palate alongside a full line of everyday mixes like Taco, Minced Garlic or Lemon Dilly Dip. Best Guacamole Ever? Mac and Cheese? Homemade cheese?! YES!

Epicure's blends are healthy! No fillers and chemicals, with low or no sodium and awesome flavour. Epicure also a first to market groundbreaking food line of Superfood Blends to help us enhance our nutrition easily. All the Superfood blends (including the gravies and broths) have an extra nutrition boost with B12, Omega 3's, protein, or fibre, etc. You'll get a chance to taste some of these!

Epicure's mission of helping people create quick meals needs great cookware. You'll be shocked by their Steamer, it doesn't seem possible to cook food that good that fast! It's part of a line of time-saving silicon cookware and durable stainless steel kitchen items perfect for the home chef.

Do NOT eat a big dinner as we will be preparing samples live at the class and there will be lots of things for you to try! Epicure can also direct ship anywhere in Canada for WAY less than Canada Post so if you need some long distance gifts for people that eat, Toby can help you with that!

Have a look at the catalogue for inspiration!

Contact Toby to set up a party today -

Food, Drinks, Friends. A perfect ------- night!